Nimbin Nesting Box Project

Nimbin Environment Centre was successful in getting a Wires National Grant 2024 to install nesting boxes in the Nimbin Valley. It can take 100 years or more for hollows to develop naturally in trees and a number of species depend on hollows so they can successfully breed or just live in. These include a range of birds such as cockatoos, owls and lorikeets to name just a few and mammals like possums and sugar gliders.

The Nimbin Valley was heavily logged and grazed since European settlement in the 1880s. Most of the original forest that once covered the hills was destroyed. While more recent settlers, since the 1970s, protected what little remained and also restored some of what had been lost there are not yet a lot of really old trees with hollows. The 2019 bushfires and the 2022 floods also damaged many old growth trees in the Nimbin area. This project will address the lack of suitable nesting sites and provide more opportunities for hollow dependant species to raise a family.

NEC will work with WildBnB to select suitable sites to place nesting boxes and arrange installation with professional tree climbers.

Please send an expression of interest to Or by snail mail to 54 Cullen St. Nimbin 2480. Let us know the size of your property, what sort of vegetation you have and what wildlife you have seen there. Applications close 28th March 2024.