Proposed Rezoning in Kyogle Shire

Kyogle Council is proposing to rezone all the land in Kyogle Shire to RU1 (Primary Production) and is asking for community input by this Friday, 2 July.
     Concerned Kyogle residents need more time to submit informed public comment. To help them achieve this, please email the council and ask for an extension. See Council’s recent media release below, with contact information at the end.
     Check and over the coming days. A statement on this issue will be posted soon.


Proposed Single Rural Land Use Zone for Kyogle

     Council is inviting the community to provide feedback on a proposal to create a single rural land use zone across the Kyogle local government area.  
     The proposed amendment to the Kyogle Local Environmental Plan (LEP) would see all land currently zoned RU2 (Rural Landscape) in the LEP reclassified as RU1 (Primary Production).
     All outstanding ‘deferred matter areas’ in the LEP would also be rezoned RU1 under this proposal.  At the same time, a biodiversity clause and overlay would be introduced to the LEP.
     The proposed removal of the RU2 Zone from the LEP is an outcome that Council has sought for many years.
     Mayor Danielle Mulholland said the proposed changes were a great result for the community.
     “Council clearly heard the message that many rural landowners were concerned that the RU2 zone was overly restrictive, and has worked hard to arrive at this position where it can finally be removed from the LEP, ” Cr Mulholland said.
     Council restated its commitment to a single rural zone in the LEP when it adopted its Local Strategic Planning Statement in 2020.
     The introduction of a biodiversity overlay within the LEP will ensure that areas of potential high biodiversity value are identified, and this will enable landowners to plan for future development accordingly.  
     “The introduction of a biodiversity overlay will not prevent landowners from carrying out appropriate development and improvement of their properties,” Cr Mulholland said.
     “It will assist them in identifying those areas in their ownership where extra care and consideration will need to be taken in drafting their development proposals.”
     The Planning Proposal will be on public exhibition until Friday 2 July 2021.  Comments should either be submitted to or via post, PO Box 11, Kyogle, NSW 2474.


Kyogle Environment Group, KEG, met with concerned ratepayers at KMI Hall on Monday 28/6 seeking clarity on the purpose & implications of intended changes to planning laws into a single land zone RU1 – Primary Production to RU2 Rural Landscape.


Residents have not been properly informed by Kyogle Council in time to have any input and or proper consultation leading up to the formation of a ‘Final Draft’ plan that Submissions close for on Friday 2nd July. That’s 48 hours away !


Cr Kylie Thomas who attended our meeting was surprised to hear that most ratepayers had not even been made aware of the Re-Zoning and it has not been mentioned in any Council Newsletter, making community engagement challenging.


Council appear to have failed to adequately inform and include community consultation and input from all rate payers who may have wanted input into the ‘Final Draft’ proposal.


There are many ‘environmentally sensitive zones’ in Kyogle LGA and more time to understand the changes in detail would be extremely helpful to help ratepayers understand how the ‘Bio Diversity’ overlay will be implemented in the future and how this single land use Zone RU1 affects us all. 


We have many questions to ask for eg:


Why after 9 years has the Council not been able to fulfil the task of identifying our regions ‘E zones” ?


Why has Council not implemented a Koala Habitat protection plan for the region ?


Please everyone, email a request to Kyogle Council for an extension of 28 days (in fact longer would be better due to the unpredictable wave of Covid taking place in NSW, that will hinder residents from gathering properly for a further meeting) asking that no further action take place with the proposed amendments until we have had time to better understand what the implications are.


For more information about this issue see KEG FB page