The Presidents Post

The physical office the Nimbin Environment Centre is at 54 Cullen Street in the centre of Nimbin village where people are probably more acutely aware of environmental issues than other similar communities.
The work of our association has been varied over the years, but overall the sentiment has remained steady: to protect and promote the wonderful variety of wildlife in the region – which includes humans. We recognise that some activities enhance the environment and others damage it. We encourage a dynamic debate at monthly meetings. The funds generated from activities are used to support a variety of causes and to keep a focus on our environment, because we all live in one. This includes the social life of the human population with NEC involvement in shows and fairs, plus regular input into planning and community organisations, weed control and sustainable development.
Currently NEC is allied with other activist groups seeking to Stop Adani coal mine, and North East Forest Alliance (NEFA) which promotes biodiversity and protects healthy forests from greedy consumption and overdevelopment. Reducing emissions to control climate change is urgent and many members believe that forests are our most immediate local chance to stop the slide into continual catastrophe and to allow humans to live together with other species into the future.
We are encouraged that USA announcements will help achieve our aims, including a rapid transition to electric vehicles, with trucks and buses switched from dirty diesel fuel to electric.

Apart from anything else reducing pollution would save billions of dollars in damage caused by climate disasters like wildfires, droughts, hurricanes and sea level rise.
Nimbin has been a leader in many aspects of recent history and we are proud of that heritage. NEC is a member of North Coast Environment Council (NCEC) and Nature Conservation Council (NCC) of NSW
and the Nimbin Chamber of Commerce.