Village voices for Lismore City Council

Council elections are being held in September. Village Voices is a

grassroots movement that’s come about because we recognise the need for someone to stand for our rural and village communities on Lismore Council. Despite being a third of the Lismore LGA, rural residents are under-represented, and have very little voice at the table. Village-focussed councillors can deliver much more for their communities. A village councillor will engage with residents and advocate for village interests. They’ll ensure communities are informed of plans and issues in a timely manner, allowing us mto be proactive in council decisions, rather than responding and reacting to decisions we didn’t know were being made. “We want the voices of the villages to be heard on important matters that affect us all. We want a representative that advocates our needs. We want better, fairer decisions for the benefit of all,” spokesperson Hannah Phelan said.“We invite people to nominate as a prospective candidate for the upcoming September Council election or get involved in the process.” “Grassroots democracy is already swinging into action, and you will see us at market stalls and around the towns. Please come and speak to us and share your thoughts about what matters to you in the local area,” Ms Phelan said. To support this action in your community or get more information via Facebook: Village Voices for Lismore City Council or email: The NSW Local Government Authority is hosting a free information session for prospective councillors Thursday, 25th March, 5.30pm – 8.30pm at Lismore Regional Gallery: